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Fire/Smoke Damage

A fire loss includes damages caused by smoke, soot, heat, the water used to extinguish the fire and the fire itself. In the case of a severe fire, all of these components combine to make a residence or business uninhabitable and unusable.

The complexity of property loss or destruction due to fire damage is due to the unique behavior of smoke. Each fire has its own ‚Äúpersonality‚Ä?and characteristics. It must be determined to what degree the structure is damaged and how badly your personal or business property is affected.

Smoke almost always accompanies a fire and the effects of the hydrochloric acid contained in a typical structure fire are very corrosive. Further, the heat of a fire pressurizes the smoke and drives it into areas of the building and affects contents which are surprisingly remote from the source of the fire. For example, this smoke can lessen the life of electronic and mechanical equipment. Smoke can penetrate within cavities of the structure, causing hidden damage and odor.

Trained fire damage professional should survey the loss site to determine the extent to which fire, smoke, heat, and moisture impacted building materials and contents. Our team is specialized on these events making better estimations about the real damage and implications.